How To Get Access To OpenAI's GPT-4 For FREE?

how to use gpt4 for free?

OpenAI Releases Its New GPT-4 Version AI ChatBot But Here's The Twist!

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Who Can Access GPT-4? Is It FREE For All?

is gpt-4 free?

Unlike ChatGPT Regular Version, GPT-4 isn't going to be Free. Instead if you want to access the GPT-4 features, you'll need to have paid subscription to ChatGPT + which is the premium version of ChatGPT. So, If you're using ChatGPT+ version, then you'll be able to get the taste of GPT-4 without any problems. But if you're a Regular user, then you'll need to upgrade to ChatGPT+ to get access to GPT-4 which costs you 20$/month.

Here's How You Can Access ChatGPT+ and GPT-4:

Can I Access GPT-4 For Free?

The answer is No. As I mentioned earlier, in order for you to access GPT-4 version, you'll need to have ChatGPT+ subscription plan. Yeah, millions of users want to access the GPT-4 version for free but its not possible because 'OpenAI', the parent company of ChatGPT and GPT-4 has planned GPT-4 to be completely paid version of GPT series. So, by following the above mentioned methods, you can upgrade your plan to ChatGPT+ for just 20$/month and get access to use GPT-4.

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