Can I Get Adsense Approval From FREE Website in Nepal ?

adsense approval in free website

Adsense Approval Using A FREE Website

Ofcourse, You can easily get approval for GOOGLE ADSENSE using a free domain and hosting . In order to get approval from Google Adsense , First, You need to create a website . In this article we are discussing about free website approval so it's better to create a free website from a famous domain and hosting provider named Netlify. Create a new account and fill up the mentioned details .
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Netlify is a free tool to create a website with secured domain and hosting service. The platform allows you to upload upto 100 GB data bandwidth which is much more than just sufficient for a beginner. Now, You need to post some articles related to any topics . Remember you know some coding skills before creating a website or you can simply create a website using wordpress but it is paid method. I personnally recommend you to learn some HTML , CSS to start your journey as a webdeveloper. You can easily learn html,css from youtube and google. After your basic knowledge on these languages, you are ready to create your own unique articles/posts based on the topics you love. Another Important topic to know before applying for ADSENSE is . . .
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