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Learn How to display website Pages on Google Discover - Google SEO

Google Discover typically displays users content based on their interests, their Web and App Activity.

While Searching on Web, users enter a particular search term to find helpful informations that related to their queries, but the point is Google Discover takes a different approach instead. Rather showing results in response to the queries, Discover surfaces content primarily based on what Google's automated systems believe to be a good match with a user's interests.

As Google Discover is a highly personalized feed section, it addresses itself based on a user’s interests and displays content that aligns with those interests. The content in discover feed is automatically refreshed .However, It is designed to show all types of helpful contents across the web, not just newly published content

How Website Content Appear On Discover?

A content is auto eligible to appear in Google Discover if it has been successfully indexed by Google and meets Discover's content policies. You don't need any of the special tags or structured datas to appear on Discover.

How to push website posts/pages on Discover Feed?

Google Discover is an automated way to showcase website contents on the discover feed but you need to make sure some of the improtant criterias for Google Discover to get your posts appear. Pay attention to :

Key Best Practices

Create Web Stories

Web Stories are the visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allow you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can tap or swipe through Web Stories. Google supports Web Stories, so you might find them across Google Search and Discover.

How to create Google Webstories?

In order to create a webstory for the web, you need to address some of the key points mentioned below :

If you follow the points correctly then you are more likely to engage more audience from Google Discover Feed. Google Discover can help your website to have good traffic troughout the globe to the audience with the interests which is a benefit for future posts too.

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