Scopes of Bsc.CSIT in Nepal | Career, Starting Salary, Job Opportunities

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Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT)

Bsc.CSIT is a four year course affiliated by TU (Tribhuwan University) in Nepaal. It is a course designed to provide all sorts of knowledge in the field of IT and Computing to the students. The BSC.CSIT course includes a great deal of practical and project works along with conceptual ideas and knowledges. In Nepal,there are about 57 colleges which offer BSC.CSIT related education wholeover Nepal.

The primary goal of studying bsc.csit is to prepare oneself to persue the different scopes in the computer science & Information Technology fields.At the completion of this degree, a student will be able to tackle the technical problems in IT related works and this is the most demanding field in the current world and seems to be more demandable carrier path in near future.

Best Possible & Demandable Scopes

The above mentioned scopes and opportunities are the best options to choose after aquiring knowledge of the respective topics. One can persue his/her carrier path easily after studying bsc.csit. You will be able to work outside Nepal with knowledge in information technology sector and acquire a good passive income in your respective jobs.

General Starting Salary Earned by a BSC.CSIT Graduate

Generally, Bsc.CSIT graduates start their own sourse of income from their home. Most of them work online and earn great amount of income. It isn't necessary to have a job ,but your skills can create job for yourself. The main thing is passion on what you want to achieve in your life. Learn and Earn to become a successful person.