How To Earn Money From Tiktok ?

how to earn money online from tiktok ?

Tiktok As A Source of Income. How ?

The most used ways to earn money online are these social media platforms where one can post their videos,ideas,contents,skills and everything as a video format or article format can gain huge number of viewers and change their lifestyle. Many creators have successfully become the part of these platforms earning partners where the income is mostly generated from the ads and views running in the video created by the creators. You must encourage yourself to make videos and show your skills in these platforms once in your life. Start your journey with these platforms and earn money online.

How can I make money from these platforms ?

How to apply for TikTok Partner Program ?

In order to apply for tiktok partner program, you need to address the minimum criteria of tiktok program policies. First, you need to have atleast 10,000 followers to apply for further process to earn online from Tiktok. If you have completed these criteria successfully without any community violations, Tiktok will review your account and check whether you are eligible for Partner program or not. After being eligible on TPP , you will see your balance in the tiktok account itself and can withdraw it accordingly.

Many Nepali people have already earned thousands of dollars from tiktok. The best part of tiktok is that after having 1000 followers you will be able to initiate livestream feature and join livestreams. From the livestreams your followers can gift you gifts and by exchanging the gifts to coins you will earn some money directly in your tiktok account. Tiktok is one of the best platforms to earn online in the countries like Nepal . Tiktok provides much more impressions than YouTube but the drawback of tiktok is that you will earn comparatively less money on Tiktok than YouTube.

How To Earn Money Online in Nepal For FREE ?

How To Earn More Money From YouTube Than TikTok in Nepal ?