How to Watch FIFA World Cup in Nepal For FREE ?

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Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup [ FREE ]

FIFA WorldCup 2022

FIFA World cup is one of the biggest events happining in the world of football. The worldcup is starting in Qatar on Sunday in 2022. The Research & Estimation shows that about More than Half of the world population is going to watch this Great Event Either from the Qatar stadiums or from the respective homes all over the planet.

Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup [ FREE ]

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup Live in Nepal?

In order to watch the world cup live,the Qatar world cup will be exclusively displayed on the Himalayan HD Premium channel which is a new TV channel being launched for the World Cup. Not only in TV's ,you will be able to watch the grand event broadcast in public hotels like cinema halls as well.

Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup [ FREE ]

So,How to Get The Himalayan Premium HD Channel ?

In order to get this subscribtion,you need to pay an extra amount of Rupees 500 plus taxes to the Cable TV Operator. Like other channels,An agreement has been signed with the cable TV network to publish the livestream of Fifa world cup to their respective clients who pays the subscription charge.

Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup [ FREE ]

Why Do I Need To Pay Extra 500 Rupees To Cable Operators ?

This time,Fifa worldcup football has a separate code of conducts for every country to broadcast the livestream on TV,Radio and other networks. Through this code of conduct,FIFA has collected a revenue of around US. 3 Billion Dollars for the subscription charge from worldwide. So, the Indian company,Viacom has purchased those rights to broadcast the worldcup events in South Asia and Media Hub has bought the rights from Viacom 18 to show the world cup live in Nepal.

Watch FIFA 2022 World Cup [ FREE ]

Can't I Watch FIFA WORLDCUP For FREE on YouTube or Facebook ?

The Answer is No,You can't Watch the world cup from any social media platforms for free. This is against the FIFA terms and conditions and nooneis allowed to stream on YouTube . This time FIFA has sold the rights to every country with a GEO-Locked System. For the Reason, None of you can broadcast the match on these sites. So,there's no chance of watching FIFA Worldcup for FREE in any nation.If someone tries to do so they will be banned from such social media platforms.