BSc.CSIT vs BIT | Which One is Better & Why ?

bsc.csit and BIT difference

In this blog post, we'll be covering the most important aspects of BSc.CSIT (Bachelors of Science in Computer Science & Imformation Technolory) & BIT ( Bachelors in Information Technology). The post possesses all about these two popular subjects and will help you guide and differentiate between BSc.CSIT & BIT.

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What is BIT ? Is it worth studying BIT in Nepal ?

BIT(Bachelors in Information Technology) is an integrated course offered by Tribhuvan University, Purbanchal University and various other universities in Nepal. There are number of colleges with the affiliation to foreign universities in Kathmandu Valley. BIT is the abbreviation of Bachelors of Information Technology that accommodate the practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the students who are interested in the technology sector.

Scope of BIT Graduates in Nepal & Worldwide

scopes of BIT

BIT students can work in the sectors of Web Administration as well in Network Management. The emerging demand of the technical members in the organization can help students to persue their carrier in IT fields. The conceptual mind of youths with practical knowledge can boost the growth of the product or organization in great pace. So, the modern world is in need of these people. This is what makes BIT one of the fine and preferred course in today’s generation. The course will allow the students to a diverse sector of information and communication industry as it is compiled with the study of computer programing, management, mathematics, data administration and so on

What is BSc.CSIT ? Is it worth studying BSc.CSIT in Nepal ?

CONTENT : Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT) is a four year course affiliated to Tribhuvan University designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Computing. Currently 57 Colleges offers B.Sc CSIT program in Nepal.

The mission of the BSc.CSIT course is to prepare the students to pursue career advancement in the field of IT. At the completion of this degree, a student will be able to design the real world e-media products or create technical solutions to hardware and software problems, depending on the chosen area of specialization and electives.

Many students are confused about BSc.CSIT & most of them have same queries regarding BSc.CSIT , whether to study or not. Focusing on these questions, we've answered most of your queries below.

1. Why to persue BSc.CSIT Degree ?
2. How's its Market Demand & Supply ?

Demand of an IT personnel is high in the market & is expected to grow in upcoming years. Not only this, Due to faster advancement in e-commerce , people with the knowledge in their respective fields of Information Technology have greater chances to get appointed by those companies. One can start his/her own startups and build their own projects with the knowledge in IT fields. CSIT graduates who have some knowledge and ideas about their respective IT related fields can easily create their own innovations and sell in the market.

Why To Choose BIT Over BSc.CSIT ? How is BIT Better Than CSIT ?

scopes of IT

BSc.CSIT & BIT are both IT related subjects. Though they may be different syllabus in the education systems in case of Nepal,they possess almost same future prospects and opportunities. A student with the knowledge in any of those two subjects can acquire the same job with same salary expectations. Though BIT is a foreign course and BSc.CSIt is a Nepalese course,they have same future prospects. If you are a passionate person and want to acquire a good carrier,you can choose any of these two subjects but the key point is that you need to be skillful to achieve a good carrier ahead.

The main aim of BIt course is to allow the students other than science faculty to involve in IT sector without any requirement of physics,chemistry in 10+2. You can study any subjects,but BIT colleges are kindof limited in number wholeover Nepal.