How to Increase Adsense CPC Rates in (2023) ?

increase adsense cpc

Google Adsense is one of the best platforms for creators to earn money online. One can get the adsense approval easily with some knowledge in SEO & website making.
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You can increase your CPC rates & BIDs in your adsense account easily in 2023. If you're new to this term then, CPC stands for CostPerClick which is nothing but the revenue you generate from users/visitors clicking one of your ads at a time. Yeah, you earn per click a user clicks the advertisements on your posts.

The CPC displayed on your adsense account is the revenue generated after cutting the 32% by google i.e you've received 68% from the ads been clicked. The cpc generated by Advertisers is about 32% more than the cost-per-click displayed on your screen in real.

So we should keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to make our content stronger sothat advertisers with higher cost-per-click visit our pages . There is high competition of advertisers to display their ads on that webpage which generates more visitors and supplies good content.

CPC directly affects your overall revenue in adsense account. You can earn large sum of revenue if your cpc goes high. For this you need to learn, how to increase cpc in google adsense & you are at the right place right now...

Best & Easiest Ways to Increase Adsense (CPC)

1. Use of Single Advertising Network For Better CPC Rates

There're currently large amount advertising networks roaming in the internet. Those advertising networks & their advertisers offer comparatively less cpc rates than Google Adsense. The advertisement networks like yahoo,, Infolinks, Clicksor, BuySell Ads,etc can affect adversly in ur earning.So you should use only a single adsense network like Google Adsense in order to maintain your cpc & revenue.

2. Use of AdSense Allow/Block Ads Settings For Better CPC Rates

Google Adsense offers its creators to choose & remove particular advertisers to advertise on the creators websites. This directly affects your adsense revenue . When you block the type of ads on your sites that you don't want to display,your viewers can view more relevent ads that they generally prefer to which increases the chances of getting clicked. Don'ft forget to block unnecessary ads on your adsense account which takes about an hour or so to get activated on your site.

3. Use of Demandable Niche & Keywords For Better CPC Rates

Niche generally refers to the type of content that you use on your site in overall. For example. If you post most of the content about cooking then your niche is cooking. Similarly, one should choose a particular niche for better cpc bids. Along with good nich, you need to address good keywords related to your posts and niche. This helps the potential customers to visit your site time & oftenly. This brings the attention of advertisers to invest their ads on your site .

4. Use of Quality Content For Better CPC Rates

Quality content is the key to address the visitors demands & needs. You need to have a good form of content sothat users get interacted in your posts & visit the site more oftenly. Quality content generally refers to the type of posts with good user experience & the answers to their queires. You should focus on your content & try to make it more practical sothat one can immerse in your posts. This helps you to generate more potential customers & ofcourse attracts high cpc advertisers.

5. Use of Best Performing Ads Formats For Better CPC Rates

This sounds different but with the use of good ads formats,you can generate upto 30% more engaging audience & clicks than usual. Responsive & good sized ads formats can help your site look attractive & indulging as well. The ads generally shown to the users are based on their search histories so you should keep the ads format simple & clickable. Ads formats without responsive structures can ruin your performance level in the google analytics which is bad for cpc bids and rates.

6. Use of Google Analytics For Better CPC Rates

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google for the creators to have an eye on their daily performance. Analytics can help a creator to research & conclude a better result that his/her audience would love to see in their posts. Google Analytics not only displays users queries but also shows all the datas about their interests,clicks on your posts & pages. By using Google Analytics, You can offer better results to your audience & engage them in your posts for more time. This helps you to gain trust in your audience about your site & posts.

7. Focus Content Based on users locations For Better CPC Rates

User's location directly affects in your cpc rates. The Cost per clicks in the US countries is almost double than the countries in Asia. This is because of the demands & supply market. The people in US mostly prefer premium contents rather than regular ones. They accumulate contents with some facts & are more likely to visit stock markets. These locations can generate more than 20$ in a single click. To generate more from adsense, try to focus on these locations queries & keywords .

8. Research About Visitors For Better CPC Rates

The people who visit your site came across your site because of their queries which mached with your posts. Their queries & keywords can be your source of revenue. Check your users interests & try to figure out their demands with your suppllies. This is generally the most important part of blogging to understand the demands of the visitors visiting your site/page. Use Google Analytics to know more about your customers & try to meet their demands.


Following these steps in practical way can help you boost your adsense revenue. If you follow them wisely, you will be able to focus on more brand deals . The revenue generated by Google Adsense is uncountable means you can generate enormous amount of earnings if you work on your SEP optimization mentioned above. There are many other factors too which directly affect your traffics & revenues. You can visit our blog posts to understand about them as well.
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