Register a Domain for Free in Nepal (2022)

How to register a domain for Free in Nepal ?

The domain belongs to the Nepal and anyone with Nepalese Citizenship can get a free,, domain. Most of the bloggers in Nepal use domain as their primary choice which is 100% free and cn be hosted using Free Hosting platforms as well.

Best Free Domains Available in Nepal

Easy Steps to register FREE domain

  1. Visit the official .np Domain Registration site CLICK HERE
  2. domain register
  3. Now, you need to search the domain name that you want to keep.
    NOTE : You can't keep domain names different from your government id's like citizenship,passport,etc. domain register
  4. If the name is valid,then it will show "Domain Available"sign.If not try another name.
  5. domain register
  6. After that,click on the Register Now button and sign up if you are new on the site or sign in if you've already made an account setup.
  7. domain register
  8. To create a new account, you need to fill the form shown below in the picture which includes your name,email,password,etc.
  9. domain register
  10. Now,Fill your sitizenship card or any governmental id's and submit it.
  11. domain register
  12. After that, wait for the approval from .np registeration team. It usually takes 1,2 days to get approved.
  13. domain register
  14. If your informations are correct,then your domain will be active .

Cover Letter Sample For Domain Registration

cover letter for register


How to Host Domain For FREE in Nepal ?

Host your website using a free hosting service provider in Nepal.

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